Friday, November 14, 2014


Despite my lackadaisical attempt to get some raking done in my yard this morning, I'm really glad I put in the effort to get it accomplished.  The much needed exercise and the crisp autumn air invigorated my soul and opened up my mind to some fresh new ideas. 

As I was picking up the leaves, I noticed just how beautiful they were.  Although they were void of all the early fall oranges, yellows and reds, they still maintained a certain appeal despite their monotonous palette.

While my design aesthetic usually takes on a quiet sophisticated vibe, I always manage to incorporate one bold color to spice up the neutral palette.  To some, neutral may sound dull and lifeless, and images of beige everything comes to mind.  But who says beige has to be boring?

Neutral interiors are timeless and classic, and there’s nothing mundane about that.  In fact, neutral interiors are chalked full of character in that you’re essentially bringing nature into your interior spaces.  There’s a sense of serenity when a balanced scheme of whites, beiges, grays, taupes, chocolates and charcoals are put together.  A room with this color palette soothes and relaxes the soul.  The incessant mix of these neutrals is appeasing both to the eye and the mind.  One might think that this color combination might be monotonous and drab but the key to working with neutrals is to incorporate as many different textures as possible to achieve the ethereal beauty your home deserves.

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