Friday, November 7, 2014


Did you know the smallest room in the house can pack the biggest punch?  And just because it isn't as grand as your master ensuite, it doesn't mean you can't make it just as fabulous.

Because of it's small footprint, the powder room is the ideal place to take big decorating chances.  It's the one place where it's worthwhile to go the extra mile.  Indulge in bold colors, expensive wallpaper, luxury scented soaps and fine linens.  How about that outrageous wallpaper you've been dying to experiment with?  And adding a chair rail and painting the lower half of the wall makes it that much more affordable.

Ever wonder why it's called the powder room?

The term "powder room" apparently, was conceived in the 18th century to describe the small interior closet, where people would go to have their wigs and faces re-powdered.  The term survived through the Victorian age and ultimately became a metaphor for the toilet.

The term still lives on, as we regard this tiny little space as the jewel box of our homes.  It's the perfect place to play out all your design fantasies.  Go ahead, put the 'POW' in your powder room.

This is the powder room in my home...just can't get enough of those peacocks!

Hmmm...interesting!  I think I'd be a little bashful going to this one.

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