Thursday, November 6, 2014


Fretwork refers to a series of intricate designs which are cut into wood, stone, or other material such as metal.  Sources give different reports as to the exact origin of fretwork, but it was prominently used in early 12th century Greek architecture and has continued to be used today.  Designs have developed from the rectangular wave Greek fret to intertwined patterns. 

Fretwork might be an old concept, but it has a new fresh feeling.  Homeowners favor it as an opportunity to enhance their interior design providing global character and elegance.  Fretwork is a great way to refresh your decor especially that it works so well with many other patterns.  The applications can be endless and adding this geometric wonder into your decor might just be what your space needed.

Our company/brand Logo transformed into a fretwork pattern for our home textiles collection.  Shop the V Logo Fretwork collection here


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