Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Dark, moody, sultry...are the first adjectives that come to mind when I think of sophisticated masculine spaces.  They are the spaces that make you linger because you feel the passion, the undeniable presence of a well cultured gentleman.  

I love a masculine room and I prefer it to a more feminine one.  My design sense definitely veers to more of a masculine aesthetic.  And what's not to love about it?  Masculine spaces have very clean, tailored lines and present a certain formality and order to a space.  Often times, symmetry is a strong design element and dark, muted color palettes (think sexy charcoals, dark moody blues and grays, rich chocolate) that bear a definite presence. Materials that ooze masculine charm are textural elements like wood, leather, concrete and metal which help ground a space and make it feel more "manly".  

For the last century, men have been alienated from design, leaving it as a woman's domain, but I think it's time we change all that.  Don't you agree?

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