Friday, November 28, 2014


In reference to Black Friday today, I want to talk a little about the color black and how it can entirely transform an interior space.  Of course to some people, black is considered dark, morbid and gothic but to others it's completely the opposite.  I for one, think a good dose of black in a space immediately suggests drama, opulence and is always chic.  The impact of large expanses of black in a room can be exceptionally fresh and just as dramatic as you'd expect.  Black is certainly underused in most homes, but you'd be surprised just how glamorous this neutral oozes sophistication.  It glows in sunlit places and is a pristine backdrop for jewel tones, bright colors and the perpetual white.  My love for black is equal to my love for white and I would certainly use it in my home... if only I can get my husband on board with the idea!  How about you, are you brave enough to use this color in your home?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The Greek Key design has its origins in ancient Greece and is their most important symbol.  The Greek Key is also called Meandros of the Hellenic Key after the Meandor River in Asia Minor, which was twisty and doubled onto itself, giving a symbolic meaning to the key of the eternal flow of life.  It is seen as ornamental relief on architecture all over the world.

The Greek Key symbolizes infinity and unity.  It is the symbol of eternal life, eternal love and eternal friendship and it's the reason it is given often as wedding gifts.  The design itself is crisply graphic but unobtrusive and while it is iconic, timeless, and classic, it fares well in sophisticated, modern interiors as well.  I absolutely love the geometric formality of the pattern and I think it looks fabulous in interior design.