Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Isn't it funny how quickly things can change, how quickly we can change our minds and our preferences in such a short time?  I wonder what happens to our psyche when this change occurs?  Up until a few short years ago, I was not a big fan of the color blue.  The contrary can be said today; and if you were to ask if I like the color blue, I will tell you it's my favorite.  I love blue in all its wonderful tints, shades and tones.  What changed?  I'm really not sure, but perhaps it's the way blue produces a calming atmosphere. 

Blue is the color of sky, ocean, sleep and twilight.  When I see the color blue, I feel like I am in heaven.  For me, blue is the color of sincerity, security, and spirituality.  My deep need for peace and harmony in my everyday life can be manifested through the color blue.  How about you, do you like the color blue?

My love for blue and white porcelain in my front foyer

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