Thursday, November 20, 2014

CHARTREUSE - Color Crush

Although the season hasn't officially started, I feel like skipping winter and stepping right into spring. A color that makes me think of spring is a bold and eye-catching color.  Somewhere between green and yellow lies captivating chartreuse, a visually powerful, amazing versatile color. 

The name "chartreuse" has quite a history.  It comes from a liqueur made by Carthusian monks in the French Alps.  As you probably guessed, the color of the liqueur is a beautiful, clear yellow-green.  The monks have been producing the herbal liquor for 400 years; it's named for their Grand Chartreuse monastery.  

Chartreuse can be both earthy and electric.  Bright chartreuse is a perfect background for charcoal gray and in modern design is often used as a jolt of color against muted neutrals.  It looks crisp and spring-y with bright white and vivid purple.

As stunning as it is, chartreuse is most certainly a very strong color... you either love it or hate it, but what's to hate about it?  And if you're not a fan of chartreuse just yet, you'll be falling in love with it by the end of this post!

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