Monday, September 14, 2015


Focus is nothing more than getting your thoughts to fly in formation.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


There's nothing I love more than a sculptural wall sconce where it shows more as a piece of art rather than a lighting element. Sculptural wall sconces add architectural drama to your walls while still providing accent lighting where needed. Sculptural wall sconces also offers an opportunity to really personalize a room.

There are many beautiful wall sconces out there, and I am certain many more that I am not aware of; however these are my absolute 10 favorites.  Which one is yours?


Monday, July 6, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Have you ever been stuck in a design dilemma, where you think you finally know what you want and you start to feel the rush and excitement of decorating, just to then realize that you haven't really made up your mind and your indecision is wreaking havoc on your sanity.  Well folks, let me tell you this is exactly where I'm at.  For the longest time, I've been going back and forth in my attempt to make a decision for our master bedroom makeover.  

I can safely say that indecisiveness is part of my nature; being a Libra, I think it goes without saying. The good news is that most of the time my uncertainties quickly become clear and I am able to get back on track and all's well that ends well. However, this is not the case in this situation.

For me, there can only be one of two color schemes for our master bedroom; white or black... I just simply cannot see it in any other color. The problem is, which one of the two?  Do I want to go with an all white bedroom? Feminine, calm, serene, soothing, airy.  Or do I want to go with an all black bedroom? Moody, cozy, warm, cocoon-like, sensuous.

I've assembled some images here for white and black bedrooms alike and I am hoping (fingers crossed) that you all weigh in and tell me which side of the scale you favor.  WHITE or BLACK???  Please do tell!

all white bedroom

all white bedroom

all white bedroom

all white bedroom

all white bedroom

all white bedroom

all white bedroom

all white bedroom

black bedroom

black bedroom

black bedroom

black bedroom

black bedroom

black bedroom

black bedroom

black bedroom, design daredevil

I always look forward to your comments.


Monday, June 29, 2015


In the midst of our everyday grind, we sometimes forget what we are striving for, what we are hoping to achieve, what we believe to be true. Never lose sight of who you are; if you can dream it...then dream it big and go for it!

Have a happy week ahead,


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


In honor of the upcoming Father's Day, I decided to dedicate this Tuesday's House Tour to all the wonderful men in our lives. This house belongs to Artur Miranda and exudes masculine chic in every way.

After years working in the fashion world, Artur Miranda decided to turn his career around with the creation of Oitoemponto Architecture & Interiors in 1993, which later was joined by Jacques Bec. Almost a decade later, they have become a benchmark in the international interior design industry, opting for a very particular and recognizable style. This house in Famalicão, in northern Portugal, is a superb inventory of impressive finishes and unique pieces.

The design aesthetic dictates a strong personality with constructive elements, such as large spaces with coffered ceiling and expansive windows opening to the outside. Bright lacquers, veined wood, marble and mirrors, make up a decor with a nod to the golden years of Hollywood, mixed with design classics of the twentieth century.  

The facade is extended by a large infinity pool.  In the solarium, pieces of an outdoor collection created by Thomas Pheasant for Baker-Maguire, are cleverly placed.

Tall windows in the living room provide wonderful views - introducing the garden outside. Window treatments are made with Larsen fabric.

The seating area revolves around spectacular Rocha twin tables with Rosso Levanto marble top designed by Oitoemponto Interiors.  The sofas covered in Robert Scott fabric are also designed by Oitoemponto.

With its strong presence, the treated pine coffered ceiling provides additional comfort in the open living space.

A black-lacquered unit serves as separation between the kitchen and the office, marked by the oval shapes of the table and rug.  On one side, the unit hosts a television screen and storage units, and the other side houses the kitchen appliances.  The office also boasts a winery designed by Oitoemponto Furniture.

Wool rugs in russet tones, created by Oitoemponto, are responsible for framing the various spaces.  A Platner Knoll chair sits alongside artwork by Shinique Smith, entitled "How Lucky We Are".

Black lacquer, steel and glass come together in this bar-sideboard designed by Oitoemponto.  The chair, an original piece from the '50s was reupholstered with Donghia's signature fabric.

A stairwell is hidden by a sequence of columns of mirrors. The dining table top and front of sideboard is made of walnut. The ceiling lamp is a design of David Weeks Studio.

In the kitchen, the central island is made of black lacquer and steel, opposite the island, the same material can be found in the made-to-measure dresser. Phillip Jeffries wallpaper adorns the wall which holds a photography print from Francisco Queirós entitled "Peter Pan". Applicances are from Gaggenau.

A padded leather headboard rests on a Macassar Ebony wall. The Hästens bed is covered with a Sahco mohair fabric bedspread.

A large pivoting panel divides the dressing room and the master bathroom. The closet, void of doors, boasts alternating high gloss black lacquer and ebony wood. The ottoman is covered in fox fur trim.

In the master bath a black marble counter top sits atop mirror-lined cabinets. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's house tour. Comments are always welcome. Ciao, and until next time. 


Source: Nuevo Estilo

Friday, June 12, 2015


This week's Fashion Friday design board is inspired by Marco de Vincenzo Ready-to-Wear Spring 2015 Collection; in particular the geometric prints that I so lovingly adore. 

When we think of geometrics in interiors, we often think of bold bright patterns in different shapes and sizes. Geometry is ubiquitous in our natural environment and will often also be found in architecture, furniture design, and fabrics. It is no longer confined to being displayed as art and is accessible to all.

It is not just a contemporary trend; it is one that has endured throughout history. The Ancient Greek and Moroccans both used bold geometric patterns as part of their architectural and interior design. The idea that a simple shape can create complex patterns is something this is universally appreciated.

Geometric prints are immediate eye catchers, and the most important thing is to have fun with it. These prints are meant to be fun and exciting whether it's for your wardrobe or your interior spaces.

My favorite design element in this design board is the Mirth Studio wood tiles designed by 
Antonino Buzzetta. You can view Mirth Studio's fantastic wood tile collection here.

Have a lovely weekend, Ciao


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Feminine, electic, serene and sophisticated defines this decorative style by interior designer Patricia Bustos.  Sitting in the Salamanca district in Madrid, this apartment has two stories - hence, the generous dimensions. Original features, such as moldings, woodwork, and fixtures roughly remained intact and preserved in its renovation.

The most important part of the renovation was seen in the kitchen.  The owner wanted a large, open and generous office and sitting room, while a distinctive touch was enhanced by the coating of cement tiles. One key was the use of powdered colors and in certain areas; wallpaper. They have achieved a delicate space and relaxed atmosphere, marrying perfectly with the wonderful selection of vintage and retro pieces; glamorous golden lamps, nineteenth century antiques and works by artist Diego Portuondo.  A decidedly Parisian and ultra-feminine aesthetic that has helped create elegant, delicate and unquestionable character spaces.

In the entrance, a sideboard with Carrara marble top designed by the Living Pink Studio. Above, a Blanc d'Ivoire trumeau mirror, sculpture and obelisk, both by Jon Urgoiti.

A Fornasetti tapestry from El Transformista is featured on the wall.  Below, two stools and "Romy" rug from Suzanne Sharp at The Rug Company. 

A tortoise shell is given a place of honor above the fireplace in the living room.

A delicate methacrylate and golden brass screen designed by the Living Pink Studio, divides the living and dining areas.

In the living room, a Blasco & Blasco sofa and LA Studio leopard print vintage chair.

The sitting area revolves around a coffee table of parchment and brass designed by Jon Urgoiti, along with fossilized wood and brass table sculptures. The corner sofa is a '50s design by Marco Zanuso.

Two Italian '50s armchairs from LA Studio reupholstered in Robert Allen fabrics. A retro lamp from El Transformista is reflected in the twin mirrored center tables. 

A Diego Portuondo piece from the Oh Paris series - "Pavillon Richelieu" is centered between Christopher Hall sconces. 

Sliding doors separate the dining room from one of the lounges. They are flanked by Vogue vintage photographs above Detana, twin black console tables.

The fabulous mid century chandelier hangs over the dining table in pink and gold with marble top.

A wood dresser acquired in El Ocho, boasts another Diego Portuondo piece, "Breaking News Head" and centered between '60s floor lamps.  

In the kitchen, a seating area with a corner sofa is embraced by walls of cement tiles in soft shades. The '40s ceiling lamp comes form The Studio. The cozy atmosphere is completed by an Emmanuelle armchair and Zara Home leopard rug.

The bedroom decor is sophisticated with vintage and chic details such as the bohemian crystal chandelier.

In the changing area, a Beatriz Bálgoma antique armchair is upholstered in Etro fabric.

I hope you enjoyed this week's house tour. Comments are always welcome.