My home is my sanctuary. It’s the only place I want to be after a long day out. It gives me comfort, it provides shelter, and it inspires creativity.  My home is a reflection of who I am. Comfort and luxury is essential to me. This site truly captures my obsessive love for beautiful, timeless design.

Thank you for visiting Via San Vito.  This is the place where I share the things that inspire me to make my home or yours as comfortable and beautiful as can be.  I eat, sleep and breathe interior design.  Although my life has veered into different directions over the years, I always come back to my first love… interior design.  I hope that you will be inspired here and return to visit often to incorporate the ideas and my findings into your home. 

Aside from writing this blog, I also run my own home decor online shop where you can find high end custom made pillows and table linens.  You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.

We often search for faraway places as means of escape and comfort to deal with our active and stressful lives…. without even realizing that the only place to find true respite is in our very own home.  Make it beautiful, fill it with love and memories and be proud to call it home!

Ciao for now,