Tuesday, January 20, 2015


You know how they say nothing is new and everything comes back in style?  Get ready for your new favorite color come spring.  It's not white, or a pastel color. Not even neon.  It's olive.  Yes, olive.

Strong, sophisticated, and timeless, olive green is the perfect color to incorporate into your décor.  It's even been established as one of the hot color trends of 2015.

Olive green has been around in home decor and design for a very long time. There are many ways to use it in a traditional design or mix it with bold textures and colors to make it modern.  It looks amazing paired with a multitude of colors such as white, black, navy, orange, and turquoise.

It also pairs well with brass or gold accents, marble, oil rubbed bronze, dark woods like walnut, leather and animal prints.

Olive green is well-suited to the luxurious textures of mohair and velvet.  The color is very versatile, fresh, and works beautifully in both modern and traditional home designs.  It is a rich, bold color that works well in so many applications.

Are you ready to embrace this old but new again color into your design scheme this year?

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