Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Often times during the winter months I feel totally uninspired and lackadaisical about everything in my life.  Whether its for projects in my own home, my blog, my work for Via San Vito online shop, and sometimes even my wardrobe, I tend to dismiss every little thought or idea in hopes that a better one will come along. And so I continue to drag and drown myself in self pity and blame it all on the dull, banal and lifeless existence that is called "Winter".  The Canadian winter months are long and frigid, and if one is not a winter person, as I clearly am not, those months can seem even longer.

Whether I like or not, winter has not yet finished its course and so I must wait and try to encourage myself the best I can.  Sometimes an inspirational quote or an uplifting message could be all that we need to feel energized and excited about the upcoming season that promises to bring new life into the world around us.

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