Thursday, December 4, 2014


My latest color obsession is blush pink.  Blush is beautiful, sophisticated and romantic.  It's a pale peachy pink that's "barely there", just like blushing cheeks.

At first glance, you may think it's too feminine or too pink, but pairing it with black or cream creates instant classicism.  Pair it with white and the look becomes more modern. Blush can add to the ethereal effect of a room.   The palest shade is not quite pink, not quite ivory...just a perfect blend of the two. 

Blush pink was first seen on the autumn/winter catwalks in Paris and Milan last year.  It became really popular with fashionistas and it was quickly adapted into the interior design world too.

Blush pink is a contemporary trend that embodies sophistication, characterized by soft hues, luxe fabrics and modern furniture.  Blush can be used as an accent colour to bring a touch of elegance to an otherwise neutral interior, or it can be used generously throughout a space to really make an impact.  

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