Wednesday, December 17, 2014


We just recently purchased tickets to the Shun Yen Ballet which is currently on tour in our area the first week of January.  I must say I am very excited about it as I have never been to any ballet, symphony or anything of the sort.  From what I can tell in the pamphlet that was handed out to us during the time of ticket purchase, I can clearly see that it will be an experience never to be forgotten.  Just the costumes and stage backdrops alone are breathtakingly beautiful and full of wondrous spirit.  It is truly an event not to be missed.

Chinese culture has always fascinated me; there is something so intriguing, mysterious and immortal about it.  Perhaps that explains my love and obsession for feng shui, blue and white porcelain, Chinese cabinets and chinoiserie.

Chinoiserie, derived from the word "chinois" French for "Chinese", was a style inspired by art and design from China, Japan and other Asian countries.  In the 18th century, porcelain, silk, and lacquerware imported from China and Japan were extremely fashionable.  This led many British designers and craftsmen to imitate Asian designs and to create their own fanciful versions of the East. Characteristics of chinoiserie are Chinese figures, fantastic landscapes with whimsical pavillions and fabulous birds, dragons and pagodas. 


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