Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Ever since I had my first child I've been dreaming of spending the Christmas holidays with my family in a cozy cabin up in the mountains somewhere.  I just imagine a beautiful log cabin perched on a hilltop; surrounded by evergreens and a frosted landscape.  Inside, a warm fire surrounded by family; laughing, singing, playing games.

Spending Christmas with the ones you love is truly a blessing.  It's a time for laughter, warmth, sharing and love.  It is my favourite holiday, and I love all things associated with it. I love the festive music, the delicious smells, the twinkling lights, and the amazing food. But most importantly I love the time I spend with my family.

The town I live in is sixty percent forest and my house in nestled neatly on a lot replete with trees. It is not quite the cabin ambiance I dream about but it comes pretty darn close. Christmas is just around the corner and I look forward to the moments spent with my loved ones right here in my own home.

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