Monday, December 1, 2014


With the Xmas holidays fast approaching, I imagine most of us are all racing to get our homes prepared for the festivities.  Of course we all lead different lives and while some of us might be early birds and have it all figured out already, I can bet the majority of people are still contemplating on what gifts to buy for family and friends.

But of course, Christmas isn't just about buying gifts...what about holiday decor, sending out holiday cards, menu planning, baking, etc... and if you have family staying over, you'd want the guest bedroom to be just perfect.  

Since we've moved into our home six years ago, our guest bedroom has been more of a dumping ground than anything else.  It's been the catch all for everything, and after years of procrastinating, I have finally cleared it up and it is now ready to be called a proper guest bedroom.

The room has been painted a perfect shade of white and I am dreaming of making it a coastal themed getaway.  I just hope it won't take another six more years to get it that way!

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