Thursday, October 2, 2014


When the best of two worlds collide, a masterful mix emerges.  Modern and traditional.  They may sound like strange bedfellows, but when blending these two styles, it can be sophisticated chic.  Putting a modern twist on traditional architecture and design often means adding unexpected elements, creating an enticing juxtaposition. 

How to mix Old and New. 

First of all you need to figure out if you want your space to be primarily modern or primarily traditional. 

Figure out which style you would prefer to be in a dominating position.  You may choose it to be a modern space with antique accents, or a traditional space with contemporary accents.  Letting one style dominate is crucial, because you don't want to create a space where everything is fighting for equal attention.  Basically you are furnishing in one style, while choosing the other for accent.

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