Tuesday, September 16, 2014


With the fall season soon upon us, we tend to think about cozying up indoors; sitting by the fire, reading our favorite magazines and books.  All the while anticipating the upcoming holidays that are hurdling our way.  You can’t escape it, you can’t deny it... you see it everywhere.  Halloween and Xmas decorations alike are crowding the shelves and window displays throughout.  Personally I’m not one to think that far ahead; I’m more of a last minute thinker.  The adrenaline of last minute planning and purchases give me the drive to push my limits.  Suffice it to say, I excel under pressure. 

With every new season, we are awakened and inspired by new fashion looks and home decor paraphernalia that promise to rejuvenate our wardrobes and breathe new life into our homes.  It’s no secret that autumn is my favorite season and I’d like to welcome it in all its splendor and savor the goodies it’s got to offer.

Ralph Lauren - Understated Chic

gray chic living room velvet sofa

comfortable living room gray sofa

Fall 2014

living room white sofa throw pillows

living room fireplace gray chairs blue throw pillow purple flowers

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