Thursday, September 18, 2014


Today marks the 20th anniversary of Franco Moschino's death.

Franco Moschino was an Italian fashion designer remembered for his witty, colorful, lively and provocative designs.  He put humor into fashion, but at a high-quality level.  A native Italian, he was born in a small town near Milan.  Franco developed a keen interest in art and drawing as a young child.  In his later years, in order to finance his education he began to sketch fashion designs and illustrations for fashion magazines and houses.  Eventually, his clever designs caught the eye of fashion designer Gianni Versace.  He later began his career with Versace as a sketcher which led to another position as a designer with another Italian fashion house. 

In 1983, Franco left Versace and opened his own company under his own label, Moschino.  His first showing was wildly successful.  The Moschino style was established in a few short years and was easily recognized the world over. Elegant design, perfect mastery of the classic techniques of "cutting and stitching" inherited from the Italian tailoring tradition together with a sharp, mocking humor were Moschino's hallmarks.

The popularity of the Italian brand grew so much that Moschino ended up becoming one of the internationally famous fashion designers he so famously mocked in his work.

Since Moschino's death, Rosella Jardini has served as the label's creative director, turning out playful, wearable collections.

Franco Moschino has left an indelible mark on fashion history and although no longer with us, his sense of irony, his playfulness, individuality and genius still live on through the work being created by the Moschino Group.


bedroom with white cabinet and table lamp

graphic black and white floor

black panton chair with gallery wall


black leather gilded louis style chair

Lenny Kravitz black marble bathroom with hand chair

black and white design living room with gold accents


dining room with black chairs

graphic black and white wallpaper and light blue chair

dressing room walk in closet with blue lacquer walls

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