Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Bust sculptures have been around for centuries, often placed in traditional and classic settings.  The idea of a bust as decor is reminiscent of references to historical nobility.  Historically, the bust was the customary form of portraiture in many civilizations.  Throughout the centuries, sculptural busts have been molded from many substances including bronze, limestone, alabaster, wood, stone, precious metals and glazed earthenware.    

I purchased my first bust years ago, placed it on my dining room sideboard and haven't moved it since.  The bust certainly commands attention, adding volume and giving the surface a focal point. 

The sculptural bust provides old world charm and adds an intriguing element when included in a space.  Most people associate the bust with "stuffy and formal", however pairing this classical element with modern pieces makes a perfect marriage.  Bust sculptures add character and a sense of immortality.  The ageless appeal of the sculptural bust will always live on. 

David's bust on my dining room sideboard

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