Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Today we tour the home of architect Hector Barrio - this is a house with intentional design and a very strong aesthetic, where the layout and furnishings pay homage to absolute comfort.   Hector took just three months to implement the renovation project of his own home, located in a residential area north of Madrid.  Hector and his family were clear about the type of home they wanted: it had to be comfortable, very functional and arranged to receive guests.

The entire house is dotted with areas to be lived in, that allow each family member to have their own space: a library area in the living room; a dining room in the kitchen; a playroom, winery and smoking room in the basement.  "There is not a single room unused in the house", says Hector Barrio.

The organization of the space is flexible: there is visual communication between rooms, but the areas remain independent of each other.  Elements such as sliding doors, fireplace lounge, and small flights of stairs, bring movement to the space.  The space has been enhanced with functionality with the use of furniture in straight lines, walls with neutral colors and lacquered finishes which help enhance the natural radiant light.

open fireplace, living room, dining room, lacquer coffee table

The open fireplace defines the living room and at the same time visually communicates with the dining room, located on a higher level.  

white leather sofa, hermes throw blanket, lacquer coffee table

The extra long sofa in white leather is from Zagara; throw blankets from Herm├Ęs; and lacquered cube and glass coffee tables designed by the architect himself.  Artwork by J. Solana and light fixture by Altisent.

open fireplace, lacquer coffee table, library, open shelves

The living room also boasts a library wall whose back is painted chocolate brown to highlight the white shelves.  A low wall, clad in stone houses the audio and video equipment.  

vinyl wall covering, dining room, dining chair, metal structure

The dining table is made of metal structure and black glass; another one of Hector Barrio's designs.  The light pendant is a design of Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia of Foscarini.

dining room, dining chairs, metal frames

Opposite the staircase is a dark wall, strongly emphasizing the high chair backs. 

kitchen island, silestone, vinyl wall covering

Kitchen with central island includes hotplate on a high block of granite and a white Silestone slab that serves as a support area as a kitchen or office table.

kitchen, porcelain tiles, island, stainless steel, silestone

Kitchen boasts great practicality with a steel shell lining the hood fan which incorporates a small television on the side. Porcelain tile covers the floor of the work area.

birch forest vinyl wall covering

A photo of a birch forest is reproduced in a vinyl wall covering, and the composition of lamps in the ceiling capture all the attention.

bedroom, lacquer, silver leaf, headboard

The principal bedroom has a dressing room and bathroom.  The cabinet that houses the bed boasts a silver leaf and lacquered headboard.

silestone basin, bathroom

The bathroom's main basin is a part of a limestone slab with two niches for storage. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's home tour.  Thanks for reading.  I enjoy your feedback.


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