Friday, April 17, 2015


I think we all have realized by now that Grey has become the new Black and that we are using this color more and more in our homes and in our wardrobes. I'd like to think that owning a substantial piece of furniture, like a sofa for example, in grey is similar to owning "the little black dress".  Because "the little black dress" has become the staple of any woman's wardrobe, ideally is should be as simple as possible.  Therefore my analogy to "the little grey sofa" stands true in that it is versatile in many ways and it can certainly accommodate any decor style.  

A grey sofa that I particularly love is Jonathan Adler's Malibu Sofa.  I think this sofa, like "the little black dress" is casual yet elegant and can be dressed up or down depending on the decor.  I like that it has a retro feel while maintaining a classic modernistic value.

I've designed three mood boards to help you visualize how one sofa can be used in three different design styles.  If you owned this sofa, how would you use it and in what decor style?  

Jonathan Adler, Malibu Sofa, Citizen Atelier, art, female torso, Black Rooster Decor

onathan Adler, Malibu sofa, Citizen Atelier, art, Ashley Woodson Bailey

Jonatha Adler, Malibu sofa, Stephanie Vovas, photography, Citizen Atelier, art, Black Rooster Decor


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  1. wow, amazing moodboards!! Totally agree with you. A grey sofa is so timeless, stylish and go literally with anything. It's like the LBD that you can accessorize with jewelery, shoes and handbags according to the occasion. With the sofa you use cushions, throws and blankets to change it up when you feel like you need a subtle change. It's a great investment piece everyone should have,