Thursday, April 2, 2015


In the last few years I've noticed a big change in myself; I've become something that I've always disliked in other people...I've become a procrastinator.  I don't like the word and I especially don't like what it stands for - I am by no means lazy, a loafer or even a slowpoke.  In fact the contrary is said to be true.  I am always on the go, running here and there and never actually putting my legs up until well after midnight each and every day.  Since I started this entrepreneurial venture a couple of years ago, all I could do is eat, drink, sleep, dream and live VIA SAN VITO.  I had made a decision and embraced the thought of devoting all my time and energy to making this business all it can possible be and then some. Hence, this is where the procrastination came in.  Since my main focus has been my business, I've relied on procrastination as a means of escaping the mundane existence of the everyday routine.  The thought of delaying tasks until "tomorrow" became comfortable for me and assured me that I wasn't really neglecting my duties and that just putting it off for a day or so, was okay. 

While postponing daily chores and other non-urgent tasks for a day or two is forgivable, there are other things that need much more thought and attention to.  Gift buying for instance is one of those things. Buying something for a loved one should not be purchased on a whim or be a last minute thought...and Mother's Day is just one of those occasions. Today with the internet age and our means of purchasing online, you really need to make sure that whatever you are purchasing will arrive on time for the occasion you are buying for.

Mother's Day falls on different dates for many parts of the world, but in North America as in many other countries Mother's Day is just a little over a month away, so getting those orders in on time is crucial.

Here are some Mother's Day gift ideas to get your started.  Make your mom feel special and give her a gift that she will treasure.

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